Fostering at Woodfield Sanctuary



How fostering at the Sanctuary Helps;

By fostering, your donation is helping towards our most essential costs and enables us to continue providing expert levels of care to ponies in need.

As an animal welfare charity, our costs are high as we care for around 75 horses and ponies at The Sanctuary. Many of our horses and ponies are found underweight, traumatised and vulnerable.

Volunteers work hard every day to rehabilitate each horse and provide them with the care they need. This might include additional visits and check-ups from our vet, extra supplements and nutritional feed, and costly surgeries. Rehabilitation journeys may take much longer for a rescue pony, but we will always be there to provide them with a sanctuary for life.

By Fostering at the Sanctuary, you can take part providing ongoing care for your chosen pony. Visiting and grooming your pony will provide you with direct contact and build a relationship with your pony, helping us make sure that equines in need have a safe and loving home for life.

Fostering at the Sanctuary is perfect for those who would love to spend time with a horse or pony but do not have the space or time to dedicate to owning a horse.


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