The Dogs & Cats

Betty & Dougal

Betty and Dougal come to us in a terrible condition. They had been abandoned at the side of the road with matted coats. Since their haircuts, they have had a new lease of life. Betty’s favorite thing apart from Dougal is food, and Dougal’s favorite thing, apart from Betty, is running madly through the house. The Daily Mail wrote an article about their rescue.

Betty & Dougal Being Rescued
Betty and Dougal
Betty Summer 2020
Betty once she was groomed
Dougal Summer 2020
Dougal when he was groomed


In 2018, Woodfield attended a puppy mill in north Wales where authorities had been given access to investigate the welfare of the animals. It was during this investigation Woodfield and authorities realised the severity of the situation where both animal hoarding and indiscriminate breeding were clearly taking place. Multiple breeding dogs were found in barns and makeshift kennels and many with puppies at foot. Working alongside authorities and other animal sanctuaries, we managed to have over fifty dogs surrendered where all have now found forever homes. Woodfield successfully rehomed over twenty dogs except for Lucky who remains at the sanctuary.

Lucky & Hollie (2020)
Lucky and Hollie with the cats

Mumma Cat

Mumma-cat was a stray in Spain. She was brought back and will live out her life here at Woodfield. She sleeps curled up with the other cats together every night!

Mumma Cat Summer 2020


Before moving to Wales, Robbie & david visited Spain on a regular basis. During their time in Spain, they would spend a lot of time feeding the street dogs and cats. It was at this time that they met a cat wandering the streets. They noticed her sitting outside of a kitchen. The chef gave the cat some food, and then she carried the food into the middle of a roundabout. They approached the chef, and he said that she had given birth to kittens in the middle of the roundabout, however they were all unfortunately killed crossing the busy road. Upon hearing this story, they knew that she needed a forever home. She will now live out the rest of her life with us. She even sleeps right next to Robbie every night!

Jasmin With Lucky (2020)