Bunny Tasha & Jet

We were very pleased to help these sad defected mares found wandering around the streets in Builth Wells. One of them had been hit by a car, and both were nervous and frightened on the roads . The Police took them in and tried to find their owners but after 3 weeks , they were going to be put to sleep as no one had come forward to claim them.

They were very thin and their coats were long and scruffy so it would appear they had been living wild for a long time. We found out that they had been straying for several months on housing estates, school grounds and on a very busy road where they were in great danger of being hit by traffic. When they arrived there were 3 that came in the Council lorry.

Luckily only one of the three mares tested positive, and was pregnant. We built up their strength and condition and when the time came for Bunny to have her foal we took it in turns to stay near her, in case anything went wrong. We put a camera up in her stable to keep an eye on her without disturbing her

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Of course, like most mares she chose a different time to give birth.  She was quietly grazing in our garden with her 2 friends, when quite suddenly she gave birth there on the lawn!! Once she has given birth she seemed to become quite shocked and nervous, she struggled up to her feet, and trotted away from the new born colt. 

I rang our wonderful Vet, who said not to worry with these very young Mares giving birth for the first time can be very stressful. When she arrived a short while later, she gave a mild sedative to the mare, and a painkilling injection. 

Within moments little Jet stood up and started suckling his mum! From that day to now they are inseparable

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A very well known horse sanctuary, that we have supported for many years, contacted us one evening to say a member of the public had rang in with news of a young colt they had been feeding for some time, had fallen into a deep lake.  This family were just amazing, they stayed by his side and eventually got hold of him, then they somehow managed to pull the pony out.  I firmly believe if they had not been feeding this pony in the weeks before this happening he would not have recovered. He would have been far too weak.  Once out of the lake he was exhausted, cold and shivering. We then contacted the police and RSPCA as this pony had been running wild for sometime. The officer attending asked if we could have him at least until they found out who owned him.  We carried him up and into our horse lorry and brought him home.  He quickly made firm friends with a yearling colt who had been abandoned outside our front gate.  He was named Lukas after the wonderful family that saved his life.  There are lot of good people around that go out nightly with heavy bags of horse feed and haylage for these ponies, grazing wild out on commons, mountains, and sadly all too often, ponies just under our noses.

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Section A’s.

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These lovely section A ponies were found in a sale being sold for meat.  The only thing they had done wrong was to be born a colt.  The sales are full of these welsh ponies being continuously over bred, and for what? Just to be got rid of because they are colts, often passing through several hands.

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Some of the commons, in and around Gower are over grazed, and in many areas have become places where people have dumped unwanted ponies.  Many are old, often found underweight , and some colts and stallions are just left out , or abandoned there.

We have had several ponies in following road accidents, and have been given permission, from the Council, to castrate one or two of the colts.  Whenever the council bring in any 
colts that they cannot find the owners , we are allowed to castrate them.  One stallion came in last summer with a little mare and their foal, the stallion, who had fought off the other younger stronger stallions , was in a dreadful state. His whole body was scared and skin ripped all over him. His mouth was torn open and his jaw was badly damaged.  After a long recovery, he was castrated , and re-homed together with his mare and foal.  We have taken in several family groups, horses very often form strong bonds with each other and we will do everything to keep them together.

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Muppet & Lonnie

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Throughout the years we have often found unwanted, abandoned dogs and cats in
 Spain. We have brought back over 20 rescued dogs. They have all been the loveliest of dogs, but two of them stand out for different reasons.Pictured here in their dog home, Muppet who has kept his colouring, Ginger with blonde streaks, and is that once in a life time special dog with an amazing character.  Although an old gentleman 
these days, he still comes with us every where we go. The other photo is of Lonnie.  She lived for 15 years in the dog home run by incredible 
,wonderful people, with no help from anyone except the odd donation and the staff often worked without pay. Lonnie is the dog I bitterly regret not having taken years ago when we first saw her there. 
She was a small dog , and because she was over bred she had a bulbous 
forehead and bulging eyes. For that reason she was overlooked. Over the years we took various dogs of all shapes and sizes, and we saw Lonnie still in an area with all the small dogs. One day we asked how many 
years she had been there and we were told over 15 long years. We said 
immediately then that we would like to adopt her. Once her six months quarantine had passed ( that was the length of time for quarantine in 
those days) she travelled to our house in England. On her arrival all our other numerous dogs who knew her from their time in the same dog
 home , all started barking and leaping in the air! It was the most amazing welcome, all running around making as much noise as possible. 
 From the day she arrived from Spain, her tail never stopped wagging! She was without a doubt the very happiest dog we have ever known.  She 
moved here to Wales with all our other 11 Spanish dogs 5 years ago, at the ripe old age of 20 and sadly passed away a year ago. Dogs find themselves in search of a new home for so many reasons, from abandonment to divorce, to new babies to house moves, or because they are simply 
getting too old. All they are looking for is a second chance of  happiness. Adopting a dog is incredibly rewarding. They will repay your kindness, with loyalty, fun and above all, friendship.

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