The Cattle

Reggie & Kevin

Reggie is an orphan calf, and was hand reared by a family that lives nearby. Around a month and a half later, Kevin the calf arrived at Woodfield. They will be together for life! Kevin was also hand reared. He was born with a serious condition that affected his legs, and therefore his mobility. A group of people in Nottingham gave him physio in order to teach him to walk. They contacted us, as we were looking for another calf to keep Reggie company, and we offered Kevin a home for life!

Reggie First Arriving At Woodfield
Reggie when he first arrived at Woodfield
Reggie out In The back Garden For the First Time
Reggie With Chudley (2020)
Reggie and his friend Chudley

Buttercup & Daisy

Daisy came to Woodfield to keep our resident cow, Buttercup, company. Buttercup had lost her calf soon after arriving with us, and she adopted Daisy instantly, even allowing her to suckle! They are now inseparable!

Buttercup Summer 2020
Daisy Summer 2020


Our latest edition to the family! Dan was brought to the Sanctuary after he was rejected by his mother. He has been hand reared and is flourishing at the Sanctuary!