Available for adoption


Bibs was washed up on a beach only a few days old. Sadly his mother passed away. Since being at the sanctuary Bibs has proved himself to be extremely bossy, friendly and loves having fun.  



John came to us after being very seriously injured in a road traffic accident. John is a relaxed person who loves cuddles and fuss. He will stay at the sanctuary for the rest of his life due to his injuries. He is an exceptionally handsome pony. 



Wendy came in with the worst feet that our farrier had ever seen. She had not been able to walk properly for several years. Our farrier took several weeks to get her feet back to normal and she has made a full recovery. Despite all her years of neglect, Wendy is a very friendly pony. She will need lots of special treatment and care for the future. 



This is little Evie, her mother was painfully thin when she came to us so we were very surprised when she gave birth. Evie is exceptionally friendly and confident. She is very playful and loves being the centre of attention. Evie is a real performer and would love to have someone adopt her who wants to show her off with all her fabulous photos we will send.


Shadow came to the sanctuary expecting a foal. The owners didn’t want her any more and she was due to be put to sleep when we stepped in. We were delighted to find out she was having a foal and so two lives were saved not one. Shadow is the easiest horse to handle in every way and has perfect manners. 


Bettie & Doogal 

Bettie and Doogal come to us in a terrible condition. They had been abandoned at the side of the road with matted coats. Since their haircuts, they have had a new lease of life. Betties favorite thing apart from Doogal is food, and Doogals favorite thing, apart from Betty, is running madly through the house. 


Salamay & Hollie 

One hundred and fifty dogs were rescued from north Wales from a puppy farm, Salamay and Holly were amongst them. They have so much energy and they spend most of the time sprinting up and down the garden. They would absolutely love for someone to adopt them and come visit on open days. Visitors get a warm welcome by these two! 


The lambs

All of our lambs are hand reared and available for adoption. They are all from mothers who had died or were unable to look after them. As a result of being bottle fed they are very confident and friendly. As well as adoptions we are always looking for volunteers to help us feed and look after the lambs that come to us every spring. 


Adopting one of our rescued animals and pledging a small sum of money each month will help enormously. Your money will help your adopted animal to be fed and sheltered and kept safe for the rest of their life

We like to keep all our rescued animals together and at Woodfield, we have a saying ‘those that arrive together stay together.’ This is never so important as with mothers and their babies. 

Adopt an animal today and you will receive a certificate of adoption, the chance to see your adopted animal at open days, and bi-yearly updates on their well-being.