Castration Programme

There is a widespread problem on the some of the common land across Wales whereby irresponsible horse owners put their horse out to graze the common land.

While this may seem harmless, putting many horses out to graze can leads to all sorts of issues including; indiscriminate breeding, abandonment and sometimes starvation.  Many of the commons have become over grazed and there is no human programme in place to control the horse population living on this land.

Sadly Clyne Common is in a very bad way with a large number of unowned ponies in poor condition breeding year on year. Stallions are large in number and fighting for the mares is problematic. The mares themselves are either emaciated or in poor condition and some of the foaling mares are very young. To start to manage the situation on Clyne Common the breeding needs to stop.

Woodfield have for some time now been bringing the stallions and colts in for castration to attempt to keep the numbers under control. This is not an easy task as these ponies are largely unhandled and the cost is significant, around £300 per horse.

Our intention is always to return some of the ponies, which have been brought back to full health, back to Clyne Common where they will be monitored daily by our team to make sure they maintain their health.

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