About us

Robbie & David

Having spent many years as a child growing up and holidaying in Gower, South Wales, getting to know the fabulous beaches and dramatic scenery it had always been a life long dream to one day retire to the area.

When that day came, we moved to Woodfield in Welsh Moor near Swansea for what we hoped would be a quieter life, at a slower pace. Those plans were dramatically changed, when within one month our first rescued ponies started to arrive and from then on there has been a never ending stream of horses arriving, often in quite large numbers.

On one memorable occasion over 20 arrived in one night, some have been in road accidents, several orphan foals, and many colts and stallions needing castrating . It soon became apparent that we needed to create a safe haven for some of these desperate horses and ponies.

We enjoy getting to know these rescued animals on an individual basis, and watching them respond and in many cases start the often long road back to trusting people again.

Animals often come to us in a very bad state, and our number one priority is to restore their physical and mental well-being. It is so rewarding to watch their progress back to good health, seeing them come in, often terrified of being handled, and within days are regaining their trust and confidence, sometimes just by watching the ponies who have been here for some time. 

Once the quarantine period is over we often mix the new nervous ones in with the more confident. After a few days, the new often terrified arrivals join in with the loud early morning welcome. Banging doors and whinnying with all the other who know the breakfast routine!! 

This has to be the most rewarding part of what we are trying to achieve. It never ceases to amaze us that these neglected and petrified ponies are beginning to allow people back into their lives.