Woodfield Animal Sanctuary

Saving the lives of animals in need and helping them live their best lives

Here at Woodfield Animal Sanctuary, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support.

We are based in the Gower Peninsula and rescue all types of animals, from horses to ponies, from sheep to cats and work together with amazing volunteers and staff to make sure that all our animals receive the best care and the love that they deserve.

Find out more about us and why we have been named “the accidental sanctuary”

Urgent Help for feed and bedding Due to Flooding

Due to flooding all our barns, stables and bays are flooded. All the bedding needs to be removed to the ground every day. Because of the driving and relentless rain we are going through numerous Bales of Haylage and Straw much more than usual.

We never turn a sick animal away….

We are home to many animals. All have come to us in a desparate state and they are reliant on us to nurse them back to health.

Your support and kindness, through donations and volunteering at Woodfield means that they can live out their days safe, warm and loved.

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Thank you. x

Betty and Dougal when we rescued them
Betty and Dougal today!